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The Alchemy of Copper and Zinc: How Shower Filters Remove Chlorine
by Moshe Newmark, President
NewMarket Naturals

How Does the Filtration Remove Chlorine and Purify the Water?

Specifications and What the Filter Will Remove

Chlorine Vapors: A Hidden Menace in Your Shower

Chlorine Can Make Some Blonds Green, and Itchy, Too
by Liz Rittersporn
From Chicago Tribune, July 26, 1990

Chlorinated Water Exposure may boost Your Risk of Cancer

Chlorine Burns Hair, Stylist Says
by Zoe Landale
Special to the Star

Shower Filters May Be Critical THM Defense
Study says chlorination by-products are absorbed at high rates in showers
by Ted Montuori, News Editor

Water: The Foundation of the Body
You are What you Drink and Breathe In.

The Role of Skin Absorption as a Route of Exposure for Volatile Organic Compounds
American Journal of Public Health, 1984, 74:479-484

Skin Absorption of Contaminants In Water
by Elmer G. Heinrich
Reprinted from Wellness Lifestyle, January 1990

Chlorinated Water in the Shower
Nature and Health, Vol. 10., No. 4., Issue Summer 1989.

Chlorine and Your Shower

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Shower filters are a must for your beauty and health
Taking a shower seems harmless in most cases. But there are hidden things happening during your morning shower, things you need to be aware of. Chlorine, radon and other waterborne gases are harming your skin affecting your blood streams when they reach that level. Due to hot water, the skin pores open, letting in all these chemicals that are absorbed in your body causing not only beauty related issues, but even health ones.

Shower filters – why are they important to have
Shower filters may seem like something you could live without, but often many important things are hidden in the smallest of details. One of the main purposes of the filters is to remove as much of the chlorine used to disinfect water as possible.

Shower filters and showerhead models
There are several different chlorine removal shower filter models. Some come with a showerhead that incorporates the chlorine filter. You cans simply turn a dial and adjust the spray setting as well as the spray direction. Many people prefer such showerheads that have an adjustable 3-way spray. Pulse massage is always a bonus option

Shower filter studies
Chlorine is a necessary element in our water systems as it keeps bacteria from developing. However, studies have shown that hot showers often cause chlorine to be inhaled and absorbed through the skin pores.