April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

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April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

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April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

Replacement Cartridge:Reversible Hand-held APHC Cartridge
Filter Flow Rate:2.5 GPM, Conserves Water and Energy
Filter Life:3 to 4 months; Reversing cartridge can increases lifespan
Filter Removal:Removes 98.9% chlorine & vapors, helps reduce hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides (rust water), odors and traces of heavy metals
Filter Benefits:Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass; pH balances and softens water; Removes harmful chlorine and vapors that damage skin, hair and lung tissue; Brings back your body’s healthy, natural radiance with softer skin and silkier hair; Ideal for preserving color-treated hair
Showerhead Features:Increases headroom by 10 inches (great for tall people); Adjusts to various heights and angles; Offers both stationary and handheld positions; Sleek designer styling with wider showerhead; Perfect for seated showers or bathing children
Spray:5 Spray Settings: fine, mist, fine/full, full or pulse massage
Hose Length:5 ft. Nylon Hose (White Model) 6 ft. Metal-Flex Hose (Chrome Model)
Installation:fEasily screws onto shower arm. No tools necessary. Be sure to use the teflon tape provided in the box.
Our Shower Filter Filtration Media and How it Works:Our shower filters contain a proprietary blend of filtration media comprised of copper, zinc and calcium (Chlorgon™) that effectively removes chlorine from your water supply through a chemical filtration process called “Redox” or oxidation-reduction.  In addition to chlorine, our shower filters reduce the amount of iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and traces of heavy metals that may be in your water.  The filtration media is also bacterostatic, inhibiting the growth of E. coli, mold, and other bacteria. It is the most efficient, state-of-the-art technology for shower and bath filtration. All Shower Filter Store shower filters have been NSF® tested for chlorine removal, standard #177
Product Code:HRH5

April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

EASY-TO-INSTALL REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE VIDEO: Royale Hand Held Model Shower Filter View our Video on Installing any hand-held shower water filter:

April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

2 Responses to April Shower Royale 5-Spray Hand-held Shower Filter

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I purchased this shower head in 2006 and I just love it. Having a filtered shower head makes a world of difference. There’s no chlorine smell and I love the way it makes my hair and skin feel. I love it so much that I fill a pitcher full of filtered water so that I can brush my teeth and wash my face with it. In addition, because of the long hose, it’s easy to clean my tub and shower area. Dealing with Customer Service is just wonderful. Anytime you need a question answered, someone is always there for you.

  2. Jennifer Steinauer says:

    I love this filter! It is easy to install, the water is soft and it makes cleaning the tub much easier. Soap scum doesn’t stick to the bottom or sides of the tub. Great quality water and less cleaning equals a happy customer!

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