After our work with the international humanitarian aid organization in the 1980’s, and seeing how polluted water has the biggest impact on the health of a person, we decided to bring our knowledge and our patented designed Shower Filters home to the US with us. Where bacteria infested water imposes a health risk for those in third world countries, chemically polluted water is something we have to worry about in our first world nation. This is one of the reasons we offer not only Water Filter for Shower, but also Drinking Water Filters. We have great testimonials from our clients, where the lack of chlorine in their showers has improved their hair and skin health, and drinking filtered water has improved their overall well being. Our Residential Water Filter are top of the line and we offer a thirty day, money back guarantee as well as a one year limited warranty. We sell our Water Filter for Home directly to our customers, not to some big name company that would only increase the price, so our clients know they’re getting a good deal. In 1993, we were the first company to nationally market non-disposable shower filters with replaceable filtration media and interchangeable parts. It was economical for our customers and ecological for the environment. We’re known as a Green Company and as such we’re continually striving to refine and broaden our product line, to gracefully blend form and function with nature and the environment. As we improve and innovate, our products inspire many different tastes and styles so our clients can be sure they’ll find something that fits seamlessly into their home. We strive to make personal connections with our customers, going so far as to send friendly reminders via email when it's time to change filters on any of our products.

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Shower Extension Arm - Stainless Steel
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Sprite Shower Pure Handheld Shower Filter
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Hand-held Shower Filter Bracket
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PF-2 Big Berkey Fluoride Filters 2-Pack
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Alkaline Water Pitcher - Ion Carafe
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About Us

The Shower Filter Store is a family owned company. We provide Water Filters for the entire home including the best Water Purifiers, Refrigerator Water Filters, Shower Filters, Shower Heads, and Whole Home Water Filters available. Our Water Filters effectively remove over 99% of the chlorine in your water. Our products filter Lead, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, VOCs, THMs, Pharmaceutical Waste & Heavy Metals that may be present in your water.

The Shower Filter Store is a Green Company and we continue to refine our product line with models and features that gracefully blend both form and function to accommodate different tastes and lifestyles. The Shower Filter Storeinvites you to take a healthy step and protect yourself and your family from the dangerous chemicals present in the water supplies of most major cities.