NewMarket Naturals Alkaline Fluoride Pitcher

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  • Replacement Cartridge:Alkaline Fluoride Pitcher Replacement Cartridge - AFP-RC
  • What's in the box?:Alkaline Fluoride Pitcher + 2 Replacement Cartridges
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Enjoy freshly energized, great tasting chlorine-free, alkaline water on demand with our Fluoride reducing BPA free, Alkaline Water Pitcher.

On the counter top or in the fridge, this pitcher delivers beneficial hydrogen rich antioxidant water for you and the entire family in only 10 minutes!

·         REFRESH WITH ENHANCED FILTRATION: Filters solids, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, toxins - tastes better, feel better

·         EACH FILTER DELIVERS UP TO 300 LITERS (over 500 16 oz bottles) of clean water - that's under 10 cents a bottle and an incredible saving over bottled water.

·         LEAK-PROOF FILTER CARTRIDGE: Unlike older drop-in designs, this filter screws in place preventing unfiltered water from leaking into your pure filtered water, digital filter indicator shows exactly when to swap filters.

·        REMINERALIZE YOUR WATER: With more than 20 trace minerals resulting in great tasting fresh smooth water.


Convert tap water into alkaline, ionized water 

Digital indicator reminds you to replace the cartridge 

pH 8.5~10.0,low negative ORP:-100mv~-300mv

Restructures water - Reduces water molecule size

Pitcher capacity 3.5L

Material:  BPA & BPS Free -  Heavy duty, food-grade plastic 

Removes 100% of Chlorine

Reduces > 98% of Heavy Metals

Reduces Fluoride by 66%

Reduces THM's & VOC's by 55% 

Low negative ORP value : >250~~ -400mv

FDA & NSF certification with the minerals inside the pitcher 

USA Carbon and KDF

Alkaline antioxidant water pitcher reduces flouride up to 99.5%!!!

Filter life: approximately 300L (79 gallons ) or 60 days depending on filter use

Weight:N.W.:1.5 kg/pc,G.W.:1.6 kg/pc

Color: Black

Alkaline, Refreshing, Great-tasting, Mineralizing, Antioxidant Water


  • Adds calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Raises pH to optimal healthful levels, 9.0 to 10.0
  • Enhances the bio-availability of minerals and other nutrients
  • Adds Antioxidant Oxidation Reduction Potential (negative ORP) reducing free radicals
  • Helps eliminate acid waste from the body
  • Helps prevent illness resulting from a lifetime of acid waste accumulation
  • Helps prevent premature aging due to excess acidity in the body
  • Utilizes advanced filtration technology
  • Water tastes sweeter and more refreshing
  • Makes alkaline water affordable for all budgets


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