Many people are taking notice of the benefits of using a water filter system for their drinking water. They immediately notice that the taste of the water is cleaner because chemicals are filtered out of the water. Having clean water is easily achieved by a water filter, refrigerator water filter or whole house water filter

The taste of the water isn't the only thing improved.  The use of water filters actually has a significant impact on your health.

Recent studies reveal that chemicals like chlorine and chloramine in water added to kill bacteria have serious side effects. These reports show that the organic material and byproducts of this disinfection such as THMs and VOCs have a range of health effects, including nervous system disorders, increased risk of cancer, bone disease, organ and circulatory issues.[2] 

The side-effects of these chemicals are only recently being revealed and understood. 

In an article by the Associated Press, the White House stated that, “More than 115 million Americans get their drinking water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs that are at risk of pollution from upstream sources.”[1] 

In effort to address this disaster, the Environmental Protection Agency introduced a proposal to Congress that would define which streams and waterways are protected under the Clean Water Act. 

In September, The House of Representatives blocked the proposal to clarify clean water rules, “just one month after algae turned Lake Erie green and produced toxins that fouled tap water for 400,000 people in the Toledo area.”[1] 

This contamination of Lake Erie was a result of a phosphorus runoff and created toxic algae blooms in the drinking water supply. 

 It raises the question, ‘Who is setting and enforcing these regulations?’ ­and ‘Is it possible that corporations causing pollution have any interest or influence in these standards?’ 

While the war for eliminating pollutants and chemicals in drinking water continues, an instant victory in getting clean drinking and bathing water is guaranteed by using a water filters in your home. Our filters are much more comprehensive than your average brita water filter. Our filters will remove chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, THMs, heavy metals, fluoride and also alkalize the water. All of our water filters will benefit you and your families health. Whether you start with an alkaline water system, kitchen sink filter, shower water filter or use a whole house water filter, you will immediately notice the absence of chemicals from your water. 

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 - by Amber Stanley-Kruth


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Does the under sink water filter remove PFC's?

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