Fluoride Drinking Water Is A Danger To Infants, Children & Pregnant Women: the Only Solution is a Water Filter
You may have heard proposed health benefits about the treatment of fluoride in water, but even if those benefits were legit, what about the risks? 

Fluoride is used by dentists and added to drinking water with the intention of strengthening teeth and preventing tooth decay. However, the benefits of fluoride are received by surface contact with teeth, not by ingestion¹ which means that fluoride in water makes no sense. 

In the last several years, many reports have questioned or disputed the effectiveness of fluoride drinking water. So as the benefits of fluoride are in question, the dangers are more becoming apparent. 

Have you noticed the written warning on each tube of toothpaste? 

The warning label was required by the United States Food & Drug Administration since 1997.² The warning states to keep the toothpaste away from children under 6 years old and to call Poison Control if more than used for brushing is swallowed.


Because fluoride is a chemical that can be fatal – it is even used in pesticides and rat poison. The average amount of fluoride in a tube of toothpaste (143 mg) is capable of killing an average-weight 9 year old.² 

So if death is a possible outcome, what are the other potential risks? 

Overexposure of fluoride or the inability to excrete fluoride through the kidneys leads to chemical poisoning that causes tooth decay, neurological impairment, bone disease and kidney disease. It is also a culprit in chronic ailments including glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal issues, thyroid disease and certain types of cancers. The effects of fluoride are far-reaching and include reduced I.Q. to infertility.¹ 

Studies have shown that those with vulnerable immune systems are more particularly sensitive and likely to develop symptoms from exposure to fluoride. That means that infants, children under age 6 and pregnant women, in particular, are encouraged to use a fluoride filter for both their drinking & bathing water. 

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– by Amber Stanley-Kruth

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