Poseidon OxyRain 4-Spray Hand Held Shower Filter with Oxygenics Showerhead

Poseidon OxyRain 4-Spray Hand Held Shower Filter with Oxygenics Showerhead

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  • Replacement Cartridge:April Shower Hand Held Replacement Cartridge (APHC)
  • Includes:1 Shower Head, 1 Hose, 1 In-Line Filter and 1 Filter Cartridge Inside

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The Poseidon OxyRain Shower Filter with our patented April Shower® filtration delivers purified Chlorine-Free water and is clinically proven to make hair more healthy and vibrant and skin softer and smoother.  It is the ideal shower to preserve color-treated hair. 
The Poseidon Shower Filter brings together elegance, functionality, and health, creating the perfect hand-held shower unit. Its unique oval  showerhead with its 360° Rotating Axis delivers both vertical and horizontal sprays designed for full body coverage.  Luxuriate in a chlorine-free oxygen-rich Shower with 4 dynamic sprays:
 Dual Core Spray Pulsating Massage - HydroFlood - Stream Focus Spray 

Purified water with an oxygen-rich spray helps foster healthy, younger-looking skin. It stimulates cell activity, improves circulation, and gently exfoliates your skin as it increases the flow of nourishing growth hormones, nutrients and collagen.  Feel the invigorating difference! 

The Poseidon OxyRain Hand Held Shower Filter ionically removes harmful chlorine and vapors that damage skin, hair and lung tissue. With the Oxygenics® Showerhead, using the same principle as a jet engine, the Poseidon OxyRain continuously draws in air through 16 intake ports and infuses it into the filtered water creating a revitalizing oxygen-rich spray. Because of its design, the Poseidon OxyRain Shower Filter will pay for itself in water conservation (30 - 70% @ 60 psi). With any water pressure, the Poseidon OxyRain with Oxygenics® Spray feels exhilarating, saves money, and provides the healthiest shower experience.

April Shower® In-Line Filtration Specifications: 

  • Works best with good water pressure 
  • Easy Installation with no tools necessary
  • Elegant polished chrome housing 
  • Swivel ball design adjusts to various angles 
  • Removes 98.9% chlorine & vapors, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides (rust water), odors and traces of heavy metals 
  • Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
  • pH balances as well as softens the water 
  • Patented high-performance filtration media: copper-zinc and Chlorgon™ (mineral salts) 
  • The copper / zinc media inhibits growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold Replaceable 3-month cartridge that can be reversed for self-cleaning and optimum performance 

Oxygenics® Poseidon Hand Held Shower Filter Oxy Rain® 

  • Delivers 4 Powerful, Oxygen-Rich Sprays at the Push of a Button  
  • 360° Rotating Extra - Wide Showerhead for Vertical and Horizontal Full Body Coverage  
  • Conserves Water and Energy (30% - 70%) 
  • Handsome Polished Chrome Wand with Ergonomic Design
  • 5ft. Flex Hose  
  • Polished Chrome Holding Bracket easily attaches to shower arm  
  • Swivel ball design adjusts to various angles  
  • No Corrosion and Mineral Build-up (Delrin® internal components)         
  • Guaranteed never to clog        
  • Ensured Long Lasting Performance 
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