Do you have dry skin and hair that gets worse in the winter? Have you tried moisturizers, lotions and humidifiers but get little relief? 

Since the human body consists of mostly water, temperature and humidity changes in the environment cause a chemical change in our body. During winter, the combination of colder outside air and dry heat indoors puts additional stress on our skin. 

The juxtaposition of winter weather and indoor heat is one culprit to tight and itchy skin, but it is not the only cause. 

 Chemicals added to water treatment systems, including chlorine, are a major reason for skin irritations. Chlorine strips your skin of the natural oils, causing cracking of the skin and drying out of hair. 

The harmful effects of chlorine on our bodies is noticeable after swimming in a chlorinated pool, but do you know that chlorine is also flowing out of your faucets that ends up as chlorine gas floating in your home that you inhale? 

A hot shower elevates the release of chemicals into a gaseous state, causing additional irritation to the eyes, lungs, skin and hair. These chemicals are absorbed through the pores of your skin and absorbed into the lungs, which can lead to more serious ailments. 

“Chronic exposure [to the disinfection byproducts of chlorine] can cause liver and kidney cancer, as well as heart disease, unconsciousness, or death in high doses,” as stated on 

The very tangible effect of dry skin and brittle hair is an early sign of imbalance in our bodies. 

Good news is you don’t have to swear off hot showers – simply installing a shower head filter can have a dramatic effect on your quality of living. 

 Having a water filter to filter shower water allows you to remove the harmful chemicals and protect your skin and health – and installing it is as easy as changing a light bulb! 

Unscrewing a standard shower head and installing a head to filter shower water takes only a few moments and has a long-lasting impact. 

Replacing a shower filter head often requires no tools, and at video tutorials show how to install a shower filter head and how to replace a shower filter cartridge. Product details about chlorine shower filters, water fluoride filters and a range of other water filtration products help you find the right water filter to fit your needs. 

The various styles of shower water filters, drinking filters, refrigerator filters or whole house filters offered at Shower Filter Store are stylish and affordable. The options make it convenient to take your health and well-being into your own hands. 

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- by Amber Stanley-Kruth

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