Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Filter

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Choosing the right water filter can be a little daunting, but the Shower Filter Store can help you make the right choice. Some things you should consider are what chemicals are in your water, if you have city water or well water,  the height of your shower arm (pipe), what water pressure you prefer and if you want the option of multiple-spray settings. Whether you rent or own, replacing a shower filter or installing a drinking water filter is a simple task that will greatly improve your quality of life.

Here are some answers to questions you may have: 

Q:    How do I know what is in my water?
The first question you should answer is if your water is treated with Chlorine or Chloramine. This will have a great impact on as it will determine which water filter you should choose. Call your city, municipality or water provider and they will be able to tell you. If they do treat the water with chloramine, you will need to purchase one of our Chloramine Shower Filters.

Q:     I’m on a well and rust water or sulfur is my problem, not chlorine. What shower filter is best for well water? 
Both the April Shower Supreme or April Shower Classic model utilize the high-output cartridge, which helps to reduce hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides (rust water), and odors or traces of heavy metals.

Q:    What do your shower and water filters remove? 
In addition to balancing the PH of your water, all of our models reduce common, harmful elements that cause discomfort, health concerns and discoloration of your bath or sink. These include chlorine, chloramine, iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide, odors and traces of heavy metals. Read more about what the Shower Filter Store products do to help your water here.
If your water is treated with Chloramine, we recommend our Omica, Pelican and Vitamin C Shower Filters.

Q:    Do you have water filters for Fluoride?
We do carry drinking water filters that remove Fluoride. The absorption of Fluoride through the skin when bathing or showering is not a concern because of the composition of the molecule. We have not found any studies to support the need for fluoride shower filters, however if you have information that suggests otherwise we would love to hear from you. 

Q:    If I rent (an apartment or house) can I install a filtered shower head? 
Yes! No plumber required. 
Replacing a shower head with one of our filtered shower heads is surprisingly easy. All our shower heads have the standard ½” pipe thread found in shower arms across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. You can install your new shower head in minutes with no tools necessary, except sometimes a pair of pliers are needed to unscrew the existing shower head. Replacing the shower filter cartridge is even easier!
We recommend keeping the old shower head if you rent, so you can replace it and bring your filtered shower head with you in the event of moving. 

Q:    Which filter model is appropriate for my shower? 
Much of this comes down to what you prefer. The height of the shower arm, measured from the bottom of the tub or stall will determine whether a Stationary or Hand-Held is most suitable. If your shower arm is relatively high, like it is in most newly built homes, then choosing a stationary model may be more appropriate, as a hand-held model may touch the ceiling and the extra height dissipate the power of the spray. If your shower arm is medium or low, a hand-held model may be a better choice as it raises the height of  the showerhead by 7”, a better fit for tall people.
We also carry Energy Saving Shower Heads, Bluetooth Shower Heads, LED Shower Heads, Water Saving Shower Heads, and a line of Economy Shower Heads. Our shower heads come with the specified shower filter, but if you are looking for something in particular, just give us a call or email.

Q:    What are the benefits of hand-held shower filters? 
The Hand-Held models are more versatile. They perform as Stationary models, but also have a 6 ft. hose that can be lifted out of the cradle to bring the spray closer to where it is needed. These are useful for children, seated showers, pets and cleaning tubs and shower stalls. 

Q:    What model do you recommend for low water pressure? 
If your water pressure is low, a stationary shower filter is recommended over a hand-held shower filter. We recommend you check out the Oxy Model, as it has a water-saving, self-pressurized showered. 

Q:     What is special about the OXY Model filters
In addition to filtering chlorine and other chemicals mentioned above, the Oxy Model oxygen shower heads, using the same principle as a jet engine, continuously draw in oxygen through 16 intake ports and infuse it into the filtered water creating a revitalizing oxygen-rich spray. The Oxygenics self-pressurizing system gives the feeling of a powerful spray with less water usage thereby saving up to 70% water and energy. 

Q:    Do your shower heads have replaceable filtration cartridges? Are they easy to replace? What can I do with the old cartridges? 

Yes! The original purchase of your Shower Filter Store shower head comes with a replaceable filter. Our Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges are easily changed out every every 3, 6 or 12 months, depending upon the model you choose. The old cartridges may be disposed of in the normal trash or, the filtration media may be easily removed and composted in soil (not recommended for composting in vegetable gardens). The plastic casing may be recycled, depending upon your local recycling parameters. 

Q:    Are there models with versatile spray patterns? 
Yes. Our filtered shower heads offer single to multiple spray patterns. Please see each model filter in our catalog for details. 

Q:    What are the benefits of choosing a shower filter with a casing made of metal as opposed to plastic? 
Choosing one of our Metal Shower Filters with a metal casing offers two benefits. First, you are guaranteed more durability against possible cracking or breakage. Second, the metal shower filters offer a wider variety of finishes. Our standard selection includes polished chrome and brushed nickel, and gold or oil-rubbed bronze are available as a special order. The metal shower filters offer the exact same filtration as those with a plastic casing.   

If you have any other questions, or need help in choosing the right shower filter, send us an email or call us at 479-521-7786. We answer and return phone calls between 10 am - 4 pm CST Monday-Friday.



Date 5/11/2015

Do you have a shower filter that reduces fluoride? As I am sure you know a lot can be absorbed through the skin and it would be nice to find a product that would help. Thanks

Vivian Tiegen

Date 8/23/2015

What do you suggest for hard water which is treated with bleach and has a lot of iron oxide? Also, need easy installation, durability, and want to maintain good water pressure...0- to little reduction in flow?

Valerie Jackson

Date 10/1/2015

I moved into a cabin on well water and my hair is drastically affected by whatever is in the well water, it is heavy and weighs my hair down. On the swamp cooler there are millions of white snow like looking particles that are clinging onto the screen on the outside portion so that may be a clue as to what is in my well water. Can you recommend what type of filter I need to eliminate whatever is in my well water so I may have beautiful hair again? All I am seeing is shower heads filtering chlorine and I do not think that is my problem being on a well with hard water. Thank you very much! Valerie


Date 4/7/2017

I benefit from browsing your site. thnx!

Mark Amo

Date 9/13/2017

Awesome tips you shared. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting!


Date 9/17/2017

Same question as Jeremy... I don't see an answer to this important issue... Do you have a shower filter that reduces fluoride? As I am sure you know a lot can be absorbed through the skin and it would be nice to find a product that would help. Thanks Answer: Hi there, We currently dont have a shower filter that will reduce fluoride. The Omica use to but they changed the filtration components. Honestly, fluoride, heavy metals &THM's dont leach into the body through skin absorbtion because they are so locked into solution. That is why they are challenging to filter out. You need two things for proper water filteratio; visiting time and ample amounts of filtration media. A shower filter has neither and that is why you can only filter out so much from bathing water. Also, our skin cellular walls are very small and wont allow for such large elements to pass through. The reason chlorine & chloramine are a danger is because they are so volatile and can change to a gaseous state therfore allowing them to pass through our skin cell membrane walls.

Alexa Bartel

Date 10/15/2018

Thank you for this article! For so many years I was boiling water, believing it was killing all the gross stuff I was ingesting. However, I didn’t realize that the fluoride in our water becomes heavily concentrated when boiled. This fact was very alarming because It feels like we can’t win regarding water safety. I’ve been looking into water purification options recently, and just found out that something as simple as water softening systems can make all the difference for our skin, hair, and overall quality of life. Do you have any recommendations? Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t take the issue of water safety seriously, but hopefully, publications like these bring more awareness on this issue. Thanks again.

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