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Wouldn't it be nice to say “Goodbye” to Chlorine in your Shower? Imagine, starting your day with a chlorine-free shower, refreshing – rejuvenating and invigorating without chemical smells, burning eyes and itchy skin. 

You already know that chlorinated water is not good for your health and it smells bad. But, did you also know that your skin absorbs the same amount of chlorine in one shower as drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water? Because of all these reasons, it makes good sense to install a shower filter so you can truly enjoy your morning ritual. It is an easy solution. Choosing the right shower filter can be a little daunting and can help you make the right choice. Ranging from the height of your shower arm (pipe) and whether you rent or own to water pressure and the ease of installation and cartridge replacement. Here are some of the questions that arise: 

Q:   Is my water treated with Chlorine or Chloramine? 
A:   This is the first question you should have answered as it will determine which 
       shower water filter you should choose. Call your city, municipality or water 
       provider and they will immediately be able to tell you. If they do treat the water
       with chloramine, you will need to purchase one of our chloramine shower filters.

Q:   What do shower water filters remove? 

A:   All Shower Filter Store models reduce harmful chlorine, chlorine vapors, iron 
       oxides (rust water), hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smell), dirt, odors and traces of 
       heavy metals from the shower while also helping to pH balance the water.    
       Chloramines are removed with our Omica , Pelican and Vitamin C Shower Filters.
       A lot of people are concerned about fluoride absorption through the skin however
      we have not found any studies to support this. If someone has information to
      support this we would love to hear from you. 

Q:   I rent (an apartment or house). Can I still install a filtered shower head without
       any  hassle? 

A:   Yes. Whether you rent or own your home / apartment, a chlorine free shower 
        head easily installs in minutes with no tools necessary, except maybe a pair of 
        pliers to  remove the existing shower head. A plumber is not required. And, 
        removing a  shower filter from the shower arm in the event of moving is just as 
        easy as the installation. All shower filters have standard ½” pipe thread that fit 
        almost all shower arms in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. 

Q:    Which filter model is appropriate for my shower? 

A:    The height of the shower arm, measured from the bottom of the tub or stall will 
        determine whether a stationary or hand-held model is most suitable. If your 
        shower arm is relatively high, like it is in most newly built homes, then choosing
        a stationary model may be more appropriate (click here for stationary models), as a hand-held model may touch 
        the ceiling and the extra height dissipate the power of the spray. If your shower 
        arm is medium or low, a hand-held model may be a better choice as it raises the 
        height of  the showerhead by 7”, a better fit for tall people (click here for hand-held models). 

Q:    What are the benefits of hand-held shower filters? 

A:    The hand-held models are more versatile. They perform as a stationary filter but, 
        with their 6 ft. hose can be lifted out of the cradle, bringing the spray close up to 
        where it is needed, making it well suited for children, seated showers, pets and 
        cleaning tubs and shower stalls. 

Q:    Do shower filters have replaceable cartridges? Are they easy to replace? What
        can I do with the old cartridges? 

A:    All Shower Filter Store models come equipped with replaceable shower filter 
        cartridges, ready-to-use. They are easily replaceable, without tools, every 3, 6 or 
        12 months, depending upon the model you choose. The old cartridges may be 
        disposed of in the normal trash or, the filtration media may be easily removed  
        and composted in soil (not recommended for composting in vegetable gardens).
        The plastic casing may be recycled, depending upon your local recycling 

Q:    My water pressure is low. What model(s) do you recommend? 

A:    If your water pressure is low, a stationary shower filter is recommended over a   
        hand-held shower filter, preferably an OXY Model, as it has a water-saving, self-
        pressurized showered (click here for water saving Oxy Models). 

Q:    I’m on a well and rust water or sulfur is my problem, not chlorine. What model is

A:     Either the April Shower Supreme or April Shower Classic model, that utilize    
         the high-output cartridge, is recommended. 

Q:     What is special about the OXY Model filters

A:      In addition to filtering chlorine and other chemicals mentioned above, the Oxy 
          Model oxygen shower heads, using the same principle as a jet engine, 
          continuously draw in oxygen through 16 intake ports and infuse it into the 
          filtered water creating a revitalizing oxygen-rich spray. The Oxygenics self-
          pressurizing system gives the feeling of a powerful spray with less water usage 
          thereby saving up to 70% water and energy. 

Q:      Are there models with versatile spray patterns? 

A:      Yes. Our many filtered shower models feature single to multiple spray patterns, 
          up to 8 sprays. Please see each model filter in our catalog for details. 

Q:     What are the benefits of choosing a shower filter with a casing made of metal as 
          opposed to plastic? 

A:     Choosing one of our Metal Shower Filters with a metal casing offers two benefits. First, you 
         are guaranteed more durability against possible cracking or breakage. Second, 
         the metal shower filters offer a wider variety of finishes that include polished
         chrome and brushed nickel as standard and gold or oil-rubbed bronze as a 
         special order. Note, the metal cased shower filters offer the exact same filtration 
         as those with a plastic casing.   

If you still need help in choosing the right shower filter you may call at 479-521-7786.

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Date: 5/11/2015
Do you have a shower filter that reduces fluoride? As I am sure you know a lot can be absorbed through the skin and it would be nice to find a product that would help. Thanks
Vivian Tiegen
Date: 8/23/2015
What do you suggest for hard water which is treated with bleach and has a lot of iron oxide? Also, need easy installation, durability, and want to maintain good water pressure...0- to little reduction in flow?
Valerie Jackson
Date: 10/1/2015
I moved into a cabin on well water and my hair is drastically affected by whatever is in the well water, it is heavy and weighs my hair down. On the swamp cooler there are millions of white snow like looking particles that are clinging onto the screen on the outside portion so that may be a clue as to what is in my well water. Can you recommend what type of filter I need to eliminate whatever is in my well water so I may have beautiful hair again? All I am seeing is shower heads filtering chlorine and I do not think that is my problem being on a well with hard water. Thank you very much! Valerie
Date: 9/17/2017
Same question as Jeremy... I don't see an answer to this important issue... Do you have a shower filter that reduces fluoride? As I am sure you know a lot can be absorbed through the skin and it would be nice to find a product that would help. Thanks Answer: Hi there, We currently dont have a shower filter that will reduce fluoride. The Omica use to but they changed the filtration components. Honestly, fluoride, heavy metals &THM's dont leach into the body through skin absorbtion because they are so locked into solution. That is why they are challenging to filter out. You need two things for proper water filteratio; visiting time and ample amounts of filtration media. A shower filter has neither and that is why you can only filter out so much from bathing water. Also, our skin cellular walls are very small and wont allow for such large elements to pass through. The reason chlorine & chloramine are a danger is because they are so volatile and can change to a gaseous state therfore allowing them to pass through our skin cell membrane walls.

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