Water Buddy Home or Travel Carbon Block Replacement Water Filter

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Traveling? The Water Buddy compact portable water filter will help you kick the bottle and make your own delicious, crystal clean, safe water everywhere you stay. The Water Buddy works great in hotels, houses of friends or relatives, RV's, or anywhere there's a tap. Behind the sink out of the way, this carbon block filter is our most compact, lightweight water filter that attaches and detaches from any tap in a minute.

It will purify all of your water for drinking, morning coffee or tea, cooking, washing up or simply brushing your teeth. And, when you venture out, fill up your water bottle from the Water Buddy. When you are not traveling, use it as a tap water filter in your bathroom at home!

The Water Buddy Portable Water Filter - Compact and Versatile

  • Compressed Carbon Block (Standard)
  • Dedicated chrome metal faucet with swivel action
  • Heavy Duty Poly-Polypropylene Plastic Housing
  • Dimensions : 111/2 long x 31/2 tall
  • Compact Housing makes it a very versatile filter
  • No Tools Neccessary and it's Maintenance Free (excluding annual cartridge replacement)
  • Attaches and detaches in seconds

  • 1 Micron - 99.99% partial reduction
  • 98.5% Chlorine Removal
  • 99% cyst Reduction (giardia, cryptosporidium)
  • greater than 95% VOC Reduction
  • 99% lead and heavy metal reduction
  • Eliminates channeling or bypassing
  • Meets NSF standards 42 & 53 for water Filtration
  • 600 Gallon Capacity or 1 Year
  • 0.5 Gallons per Minute Flow-rate
  • For Cold and Warm Water use (40°F - 100°F)

The Water Buddy compact portable water filter uses a simple design to allow for more versatility and lasts for 12 months; the filter will then need to be replaced.

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