WaterSource II Whole House Water Filter Cartridges

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WaterSource II Replacement Whole House Carbon Block Filter

The WaterSource II Replacement Whole House Carbon Filter provides excellent filtration of chlorine, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), THMs (trihalomenthanes), rust particles, bad tastes and odors.This whole house filter cartridge includes three layers of pre-filtration and a carbon block core.

The three layer of Pre-Filtration include a polypropylene spun-bonded inner layer covered by a polypropylene melt-blown middle layer and a protective polypropylene netting applied to the exterior of the cartridge. These layers of pre-filtration help to mechanically filter out sand, grit, dirt and sediment from the water.

The 2 micron carbon block core consists of high-grade Activated Carbon Particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced adsorptive capacity and efficiency. This extruded carbon block filters in a radial flow, outside to inside direction, insuring no pressure drop. Unlike standard, non-radial flow granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, this Chlorine Guzzler will not channel or bypass due to the extreme uniformity of its extruded activated carbon core.

Benefits and Features: 
  • Offers protection from carcinogenic chemicals
  • Keeps natural trace minerals in the water
  • 150,000 gallons capacity or one year
  • Lengthens life of plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full one year limited warranty
  • 8 gallon per minute on demand flow rate no pressure drops
  • Unit comes complete with shut-off valves, mounting bracket and required hardware
  • Easy filter replacement every year (filter wrench included - no plumber needed)
  • NSF Component tested against the material requirements of standard 42.
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